Come see one of America’s Prettiest Towns (according to Forbes.com) and you’ll also see one of America’s most historic, charming and dynamic. The Edenton Chowan Partnership is dedicated to combining the resources of the Town of Edenton, Chowan County and the private sector to sustain a vibrant town.

Historic leaders set the standards; ranging from the woman willing to tell a King “NO!”, to a member of the first US Supreme Court, to the godfather of the US Navy and signers of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. This little town has impact!

Focused on promoting tourism and retirement living, enhancing education and the workforce and stimulating economic development, the Partnership is truly a synergistic effort that unites the community.


In addition to our basic partnerships, we are also working with other organizations to strengthen Edenton and Chowan County, including:

  • The College of The Albemarle
  • The NC Department of Commerce
  • The NC Department of Cultural Resources
  • The North Carolina Northeast Commission

The Edenton Chowan Partnership is always open to collaborations that contribute to attaining its goals.


Minutes of Partnership meetings (PDF).

Copies of current financial reports will also be accessible.