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The Edenton Chowan Partnership Education Committee acknowledges the fact that a high quality educational system, pre-kindergarten to post-secondary, is vital in building and sustaining a strong, local economy. In order to provide such a system, which meets the needs of every child, leaders at all levels of the education, nonprofit, community, civic, and philanthropic sectors must work together to tackle some of the most pressing challenges. As such, the Partnership’s Education Committee serves as a catalyst for working together, across sectors and along the educational continuum, to produce better educational results in Chowan County.



The Edenton Chowan Partnership Education Committee has four main goals:

  1. Every child comes to school prepared for kindergarten.
  2. Every child succeeds academically in school.
  3. Every child graduates from high school prepared for post-secondary school and/or to enter the workforce.
  4. Every child has the opportunity to attend a high quality post-secondary school.


To execute this mission the Education Committee has members from all organizations engaged in education, training and leadership development as well as a cross section of private citizens, industry leaders, and government officials. Our members include representatives from the:

The current focus is to provide more community interaction, to increase collaboration between the agencies and to foster a climate where new ideas can be pursued. An example of the later is the current one-to-one computing device pilot at the high school.